A Lucid Dreaming How-To

Seasoned lucid dreamers often have more lucid dreams than regular ones and they have the opportunity to explore their dreams at any level. A lucid dreamer is aware that he or she is asleep, but the difference is they can have a complete control over the actions that will be performed in the dream itself.

The first explanation of lucid dreams was in 1968, wherein a study was made in order to analyze the characteristics of these dreams. Lucid dreams are also considered to be one of the best ways to fight nightmares. It was suggested that persons who often suffer from nightmares should try out the benefits of dreaming lucidly. They are exposed to the idea, taught to master the technique, and do some lucidity exercises. Though it is not clear as to what aspect of this activity lessens or overcomes the nightmares of these persons, the treatment was considered successful as a whole. It is also known that not only the lucid dreamer who knows how to manage their dreams minimizes nightmares; they are also found to be less depressed, have removed or minimized self-mutilation, and have managed most of their trials in the waking life. People often bothered by their dreams say that it lessen their stress on thinking about the contents of their previous nightmares, thus, this gives them therapeutic benefits of dreaming what they wanted to happen in real life https://ello.co/luzidtraeumen.

Have you ever experienced waking up with a very intense dream that you couldn’t tell if you are already awake or not? Most people have experienced this though they are not aware that this is actually a sensation which was a result of lucid dreaming. It is completely different from just dreaming normally. Mental abilities teach the lucid dreamer how to control some aspects of their dream. There are limitless varieties of dreams that a person can ever imagine to dream about.

But how does a person become a lucid dreamer? Here is a simple plan to help a first time lucid dreamer begin their journey.

1. Remember.
It is very important to remember as much as you can. Though it is not as easy as 1,2,3, you will need to remember the dream that you had in order for you to study on its flow and analyze its contents.

2. Record
The second task is to record. You can have a pen and paper handy by your bedside table for you to note all of the things that you remember when you wake up. You can list the details, whichever is comfortable for you. You can note down about the feelings, the place, the color, sounds, activities, and anything that may be of significance to your analysis. There is a study that people remember better when they write about it, instead of recording it in a tape or typing it. Repeat this constantly every time you wake up, so that you can have the habit of remembering what happened in your dream.

3. Realize
The next one is to realize your dream. You will need to practice letting yourself know that you are indeed dreaming. You can try out running so fast that you know you can’t do in real life for an instance. That will be your indicator that you are dreaming and not awake. Once you have established this realization that you are dreaming, you are now close to lucid dreaming. In order for you to become a full pledged lucid dreamer, you will then need to shape up the things that you want to control over your dreams, this takes a lot of practice and even long months on the run.

Things to Keep in Mind
Lucid dreaming is not exactly the same as dream control. It is just possible to have a little control over your dream and become lucid. However, a lucid dreamer knows how to influence their dream events or do the impossible towards their dreams. This helps people minimize nightmares upon controlling their dreams. Lucid dreams are often described as dreams with consciousness. It is completely different from normal dreaming or nightmares wherein consciousness is lost while you are asleep.

Practice teaches lucid dreamer how to control their thoughts and actions in their dream. It doesn’t require special abilities to become one. You just need to mold yourself and make a different lifestyle than what you have at present. You should develop your awareness to the fullest so that you will have ease in controlling your thoughts and control it based on your desires. Meditation exercises help you develop your concentration ability. This will also give you peace of mind. You need to set goals and make it a point to tell yourself that you can have a lucid dream.

It takes so much effort to make yourself believe on what you can do. These dreams will also give you a lot of benefits. This will enable you to get a positive life outlook because a dedication teaches a lucid dreamer how to become optimistic by simply dreaming of the things that will make them happy, and in return, it will also lessen their depression by refraining from having dreams which they wouldn’t want to see at all.

You should always convince yourself especially your mind that you can get a lucid dream. These dreams have multiple benefits to the dreamer. It will help you improve your life style by setting up your goals and visualizing those, and it will also improve your personality. If you tend to dream about your success in life, school, family, and love matters, it tends to show up in your real life actions, for it portrays a positive attitude whenever you visualize things that you like the most. Inspiration teaches a lucid dreamer how to become optimistic.

It was mentioned earlier that you have to take control of your thoughts and remember as much as you can all the time. You should drastically improve this skill in remembering incidents and dreams for you to have a lucid dream. You have to tell yourself that you can do it. You have to convince and have a mindset that you will take control of your dream once you sleep.

Lucid dreaming allows you to create your own world based on your preference and fantasies. This will enable you to make your sleeping time a habit which is very hard to break. This will serve as a gateway to another world wherein everything that happens depends on what you want. This will bring you confidence in real life and also encourage you to do well in the real world in order for you to make your dreams come true.

Whether you would like the world to dance on your own tune, or become president of the United States, lucid dreaming will be free for you to do have. You can dream of whatever you may like whether to reunite with a long lost lover or friend, or even a relative who passed away. You drive your own dream. You should keep a positive attitude on believing that you can do it. You may want to make it as fictional as you wish. The best thing in lucid dreaming is not only you have the ability to control your dreams, but the fact that you can also remember it when you wake up in the morning. This gives lucid dreamers a positive attitude towards real life. It will give you extraordinary strength to wake up each day with contentment and a glowing positive aura. This is the most exciting experience that no one can ever take it away from you.

Lucid dreaming is not an instant process. The benefits that it gives the lucid dreamers are truly amazing because they have worked hard for it, for months, or even more than a year. It takes time, effort and dedication to manage dreaming at its finest. You should practice for nobody teaches a lucid dreamer how to dream, it solely lies on yourself and your beliefs.

You must practice realizing what you want to see inside your dreams. You can write it if you want and take time to visualize and memorize it. Afterwards, you need to relax yourself in order for you to concentrate on what you wanted to see. You should have a steady mindset for the dream and allow the dreams presence to conquer you while you sleep. Though nobody taught a lucid dreamer how to take control of their dreams, this is a gift. You should find ways to be productive because of it. Use it to enhance your real life.

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